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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly six in ten Americans (58%) report they plan on celebrating Thanksgiving this year with fewer people. More than one in three (36%) plan to spend the holiday with the same number of people as last year. Only 4% say they will include more people in their gatherings. 

 Democrats (74%) and independents (58%) are more likely than Republicans (39%) to report they will participate in a smaller gathering. Regionally, 65% of residents in the Midwest, 63% of those in the Northeast, 57% of Americans living in the West, and 51% of those in the South agree. 

 Regardless of demography, the proportion of those who report they will have a larger get-together is in single digits. 

 The pandemic is personal for more than seven in ten Americans. 71% of adults nationally report they personally know someone who has had coronavirus. This includes 81% of midwesterners73% of southerners, 67% of those in the Northeast, and 63% of those in the West.