1/28: The Son Also Rises…

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff

Lately the signs of the galaxy have undergone change.  Not far from MariosCosmos, once a very bright star on the horizon, the glistening SonofCosmos has come into view.  Somewhat similar in appearance, sonar cannot detect any noticeable difference in sound.  To find SonofCosmos, locate the lights above Albany and set your gaze slightly to the right.


SonofCosmos’ return to the Empirous constellation followed his having been active not too long ago in the orbit of Clintonia.  The rediscovery of SonofCosmos in Empirous was somewhat serendipitous given SonofCosmos’ placement in the shadows of Planet 9.  But, Planet 9 wilted like a Mayflower, passing the controls of Albany to his co-pilot.  Soon thereafter, the skies parted and SonofCosmos, like MariosCosmos before him, became the brightest light in the constellation.

Will his star shine throughout the 62 counties of Empirous?  Will he again take flight when the stars realign in 2016? Will his spacecraft, leave the Albany tarmac and head to the distant granite planet? Keep your telescopes fixed towards the northern poll to detect any future changes in the astrological signs.