7/15: A Student’s Perspective: Recollections from Marist Pollster Nick Bayer

Nick Bayer, a fourth year Marist Poll veteran and Head Coach, stopped in the other day to talk about his time at MIPO. After joining the team in the fall of his freshman year, Nick was quickly promoted to the highest held student position of Head Coach. When I asked Nick what his time with us has meant to him and how it has impacted his Marist experience, he took a step back and recalled some of his most memorable moments at the Marist Poll.

“From the time I started at The Marist Poll I loved it,” Nick reflects. In fact, he says his favorite semester was his first since it was the fall leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election. “I was able to follow along as we neared the election. It was the closest I ever followed an election, and it really got me in the spirit of things,” Nick shares. He also says he loves getting a chance to know what the general public thinks on a plethora of topics.

As for being promoted to a head coach position, Nick has especially appreciated the chance to get more deeply involved at The Marist Poll. “I have enjoyed the opportunity to work in the office and get to know the staff and understand what everyone does behind the scenes,” he notes. “It is so interesting to see what happens after we are done polling.”

Nick also expresses his gratitude for what he calls “bonus experiences” such as attending dinners with guest speakers and special events like the Marist Poll’s recent panel discussion, The Message and the Messenger, in Washington, D.C. “These opportunities have really added to my Marist experience and have made me feel extra important,” Nick says with a laugh.

Before Nick left, I asked him what advice he had for students thinking about working for The Marist Poll. “Do it,” Nick urges. “If you want a job that is meaningful and allows you to be part of something much bigger, The Marist Poll is the place to work.” He also tells potential Marist pollsters to give it their all, and Nick promises it will pay off.