6/7: Enough with the Labels

The Senate’s failure to pass the “Paycheck Equality Act” has been perceived by some as the latest political affront by Democrats to accuse Republicans of waging a war on women. Whether a mother, sister, aunt, or daughter, you can’t have a family without a woman.  And, yet, the Republicans, the party of the family, accuse the Democrats of destroying the family by their stance on social issues.  Is it me, or is there just a slight hint of hypocrisy emanating from both sides?

Every political season has its fair share of rhetoric, but even early on, 2012’s combative flames are reaching new heights.  And, so, here is an appeal.  Let’s leave the name calling out on the nation’s playgrounds and get serious.  Unemployment is at 8.2%, and the national debt has reached an astronomical level.  It’s time for adult dialogue.  Our nation’s future depends on it.