12/8: Why GOP Primary Poll Numbers Could Be Wrong

By Dr. Lee M. Miringoff

10. Many voters waiting until November 12th to make up their minds

caricature of Lee Miringoff9. Romney voters claim our questions are biased by asking about the Newt Hampshire primary
8. GOP voters torn between anybody-but-Obama vote and anybody-but-Romney vote
7. Couldn’t find enough people in Lexington and Concord voting in the New Hampshire primary
6. Voters agree with Paul that the Trump debate turns reality politics into reality TV.  Yet, they still don’t want Iran to have a nuke
5. Tea Party voters were at Tea Party when we tried to reach them
4. Likely voters suddenly switched to not-likely voters when they realized Obama was about to put electrified fences around GOP primary voting booths
3. Forgot number 3… oops!
2. Confused Iowa voters thought we were asking about 1988 candidate de-caucus.
1. Voters waited for us to ask them about Trump, Palin, Huckabee, Daniels, Giuliani, Barbour, Christie, got frustrated and hung up.