12/20: Cubbies’ World Series Win Takes Top 2016 Honors

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By nearly three to one, American sports fans, 56%, consider the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series win since 1908 to be the best single sports accomplishment of 2016.  The U.S. women’s gymnastics team winning consecutive Olympic team gold medals places second with 20%.  Eight percent mention the Cleveland Cavaliers bringing home the NBA title to give the city its first major championship since 1964 as the greatest accomplishment in sports this year.  Seven percent cite the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl in Peyton Manning’s final NFL game, and 5% think Leicester City’s first Premier... 

11/22: Reports about Football-Related Head Injuries Impacting Youth Football

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The information released in recent years about the connection between playing football and long-term brain injury is influencing Americans’ opinions about whether or not they would allow their child to play youth football.  In fact, while nearly eight in ten Americans say they would allow their child to play football if he wanted to do so, an increasing proportion of Americans say they would not. While nearly half of residents, 49%, regardless of whether or not they have a son, say the reports linking football to long-term brain injury has no effect on their decision to allow their son to play... 

12/17: Deflategate, FIFA Scandal, & Mizzou Protests Vie for Top Sports Story of 2015

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Three in ten sports fans, 30%, think the “Deflategate” controversy involving Tom Brady and the New England Patriots was the most profound sports story of 2015.  The resignation of FIFA president Sepp Blatter after 14 FIFA executives were arrested for their involvement in a corruption scandal, 27%, and the protest by the University of Missouri’s football team to fight campus racism, resulting in the resignation of the University’s president, 27%, follow.  The growing concern over Daily Fantasy Sports wagering on websites such as Draft Kings or Fan Duels receives 9%.  But, differences... 

11/24: Americans Oppose Big Game Hunting… More Than Six in Ten Favor Legal Ban

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A majority of Americans, 56%, opposes hunting animals for sport, and most Americans, 86%, consider big game hunting to be especially distasteful. But, should big game hunting be legally prohibited?  More than six in ten residents, 62%, say the practice is wrong and should be legally banned, including 34% of hunters.  Another 24% of Americans and 31% of hunters say they disapprove of the practice but do not think it should be deemed illegal.  11% of adults nationally think the practice is acceptable.  Not surprisingly, those who are hunters or have an interest in hunting, 28%, are more likely... 

4/21: More Than One-Third Believes Decline in African American Baseball Players is a Concern… Race Factors into Perceptions of Baseball

More than one in three Americans considers the decline in African American players in Major League Baseball to be a problem.  This includes about one in eight who thinks the decline to be a major issue. African Americans, 49%, are more likely than whites, 34%, to consider the composition of MLB players to be troublesome. Looking at Americans’ perceptions of baseball, only about one in seven thinks of it as the most popular sport for children to play.  Football, 35%, and soccer, 28%, exceed baseball.  Racial differences exist.  White Americans, 15%, are more than twice as likely as African... 

3/24: Injured Top College Athletes Should Not Carry the Costs, Says Majority… Americans Divide over College Degrees in Sports

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Americans favor change on a major issue relating to NCAA student-athletes. Providing health insurance to injured, top college athletes after they graduate receives the support of majorities of Americans, 56%, and college sports fans, 55%, alike. Currently, as detailed in Bernie Goldberg’s report in this month’s Real Sports one-hour NCAA special, the NCAA does not require colleges to provide such insurance for their athletes, except in the most extreme circumstances. Americans’ opinions divide over whether or not college athletes should be permitted to major in and receive degrees in their... 

12/18: NFL Domestic Violence Controversy Biggest Sports Story of 2014

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Looking back at some of the sports stories that made headlines in 2014, domestic violence in the National Football League tops the list as the year’s biggest sports story.  Regardless of demographic group, this story is the one that resonated most with sports fans nationally. When it comes to the biggest sports accomplishment during the past twelve months, the San Francisco Giants third World Series victory in five years and the advance of the men’s national soccer team to the elimination round of the World Cup top the list.  And, while Peyton Manning is considered to be the athlete with... 

3/26: Race Impacts Decision Not to Pay College Athletes, Say More than Three in Ten

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Despite the money top college men’s basketball and football programs generate, college athletes are not paid, and 31% of Americans believe there is some truth to the argument that this is because many student athletes are African American.  This includes 4% who believe there is a lot of credence to that claim and 27% who say there is probably some legitimacy to it.  17% report there is not very much truth in it, and a majority — 53% — says the argument that race plays into the decision not to pay college athletes is false.  Similar proportions of college sports fans share these... 

1/22: Marijuana Use in Pro-Sports: Keep it Banned, Say More than Six in Ten

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Many Americans, including more than six in ten sports fans, think marijuana should continue to be banned in professional sports, regardless of state or federal laws which have legalized the substance.  62% of adults nationally believe the ban should stay in place.  36% of Americans think the ban on marijuana should be lifted, and 2% are unsure.  Similar proportions of sports fans share these views. This HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll has been conducted in conjunction with the Marist College Center for Sports Communication.  The current edition of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel explores... 

12/17: Boston Marathon Bombing, 2013 Sports Event Most Remembered

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Many memorable sports stories marked 2013, but for more than seven in ten sports fans nationally, the bombing at the Boston Marathon is the most notable.  71% of sports fans have this view.  This compares with 14% who think the NFL concussion settlement was the most significant.  Seven percent report baseball’s Biogenesis drug scandal had the largest effect while an additional 7% say the hazing scandal involving the Miami Dolphins had the biggest impact on sports in 2013.  One percent is unsure. Regardless of age, race, region, income, level of education, and gender, the deadly attack at... 

3/26: Many Fans Think College Sports Programs Break NCAA Rules…Education Should be a Priority, Say Most

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March Madness is in full swing, and with all eyes on the road to the Final Four, sports fans nationwide are weighing in on the nature of college sports. Click Here for Complete March 26, 2013 USA Poll Release and Tables More than two-thirds of sports fans nationally — 67% — think it is common practice for college sports programs to break NCAA rules when recruiting and training college athletes.  26% believe the rules are not broken often, and 7% are unsure. This Marist Poll has been done in conjunction with The Marist College Center for Sports Communication. There has been an increase... 

12/27: Phelps’ Olympic Medal Record Biggest Accomplishment in Sports This Year

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Months removed from the London Olympics, stories from the games top the list of 2012’s biggest accomplishments in sports.  Among sports fans nationally, 28% consider Michael Phelps breaking the Olympic medal record to be the single best sports accomplishment of the year.  The gold medal win by the U.S. women’s gymnastics team tumbled into the hearts of 23% of U.S. sports fans.  13% believe Notre Dame’s football team played like champions during their undefeated regular season while the third consecutive gold medal for the U.S. women’s soccer team is deemed the biggest sports accomplishment... 

7/23: London Olympic Games Spur Sense of Pride in Many Americans

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Attention will be “across the pond” on Friday for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.  80% of adults nationally say they will follow, at least, some of the Olympic Games.  This includes 19% who plan to check out a great deal of them, 23% who think they will follow a good amount of the events, and 38% who believe they will follow them a little bit.  One in five — 20% — does not plan to check out any of the events. Click Here for Complete July 23, 2012 USA Poll Release and Tables Looking at age, those under 30 — 74% — are the least likely to watch,... 

3/29: Majority Thinks Colleges Break NCAA Rules…Most Say Only Scholarships for Athletes

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All eyes will be on the NCAA Final Four this weekend.  But, when it comes to recruiting and training practices, do college sports’ programs break NCAA rules?  A majority of sports fans nationally — 55% — think it is common practice to act outside of the regulations while 35% believe it is not common practice.  10% are unsure. By Reisio (Own work) (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons This Marist Poll has been done in conjunction with The Marist College Center for Sports Communication. Click Here for Complete March 29, 2012 USA Poll Release and Tables There’s been a lot of debate... 

12/15: Goal! USA Women’s Soccer Victory Best Sports Accomplishment of 2011

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2011 has been a big year for sports!  And, of all the great moments, the win by USA women’s soccer over Brazil in the World Cup takes the top spot as the best single sports accomplishment of the year.  Nearly one-third of sports fans nationally — 32% — have this view.  The sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers by the Dallas Mavericks comes in a distant second with 18% while Derek Jeter getting his 3,000th hit is perceived to be the most significant sports accomplishment of 2011 by 15%.  13% believe Butler’s second trip to the NCAA Championship rates most significant while 11% say... 

7/7: No Goal for World Cup in United States

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Even with the hype surrounding the World Cup, the tournament hasn’t been able to gain a large foothold in the United States.  When this poll was conducted, while the United States was still in the tournament, 63% of residents nationally were not watching any of the matches while 37% caught some or all of the World Cup.  Included here are 27% who were watching some and 10% who were checking out most of it. ©istockphoto.com/3dbrained Interest in watching grows when looking at residents who played soccer as a child.  Among this group, 58% tuned in for at least a portion of the tournament. ... 

2/11: Let the Games Begin! 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver

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Tomorrow night, the eyes and ears of the world will be focused on Vancouver, British Columbia for the Opening Ceremonies of the XXI Olympic Winter Games. Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roland/ / CC BY 2.0 While Canadian pride is sure to glow during the games, how engaged will Americans be?  76% of U.S. residents report they will follow at least a little of the games.  This includes 37% who plan to tune in a little, 22% who say they will watch a good deal of them, and 17% who are die-hards and report they will watch a great deal of the games.  24% will not check out the Winter Olympics... 

2/11: The Winter Games: An Interview

The Winter Olympics come around once every four years, but how popular are the games today?  Verne Lundquist is CBS Sports Play-By-Play Broadcaster who has covered the 1992, 1994, and 1998 games.  And, in a candid interview with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks, he discusses this year’s competition, addresses the issue of steroid use, and shares some of his own memories covering the games. Verne Lundquist John Sparks Verne, you worked through Winter Olympics in ’92/’94/’98, I believe, for the network and of course you followed the Winter and Summer games for years....