9/18: Majority Calls Foul on NFL Response to Domestic Violence Cases, but Only Three in Ten Want Goodell to Go

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In the wake of several cases of alleged domestic violence by professional football players, 53% of Americans, including 57% of football fans, think the National Football League has dropped the ball in handling the situation.  Still, only 29% of Americans and 32% of fans believe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should lose his job.  43% of residents and 46% of fans do not want him to resign as commissioner. In light of the controversy swirling around Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson, Americans also weighed in on whether or not it is wrong for parents to use corporal punishment to discipline... 

5/5: Player’s Sexual Orientation Will Not Impact NFL Draft, Say Nearly Two-Thirds

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Michael Sam, the University of Missouri defensive lineman who publicly announced he is gay, will participate in this year’s NFL Draft.  What impact, if any, will Sam’s sexual orientation have on his NFL prospects?  Close to two-thirds of football fans nationally — 65% — do not think it will make any difference where he is selected in the draft.  One in four — 25% — thinks NFL teams will be less likely to pick him while 6% say it will make teams more likely to select Sam.  Three percent are unsure. Click Here for Complete May 5, 2014 USA Marist Poll Release and Tables This... 

10/23: Youth Football Takes Hard Hit… One-Third of Americans Less Likely to Allow Son to Play Football because of Head Injury Risk

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Most Americans are aware of the connection between concussions suffered while playing football and long-term brain injury, and that information would influence some Americans’ decision to allow their son to play the sport if they had to make the choice.  About one in three Americans say this knowledge would make them less likely to allow a son to participate in the game.  In fact, nearly one in five Americans say this risk would be the key factor in deciding whether or not they would allow their son to step onto the gridiron.  About one-third of Americans has become more concerned because... 

9/27: No Clear NFL Surprise

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With the NFL season underway, is there a sleeper team in the mix?  According to this Marist Poll, there’s no clear surprise among football fans nationally.  Nine percent of fans think the Detroit Lions will be the biggest surprise this season, 6% believe the Dallas Cowboys will come out of nowhere while the same proportion — 6% — say the Philadelphia Eagles will be this year’s upset team.  The Green Bay Packers are perceived by 5% to charge the field and shock football fans while 4% say the Oakland Raiders will split the uprights as the NFL’s surprise of the season.  A majority... 

2/4: The Gridiron vs. Madison Avenue: Game Beats Out Ads

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The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will face off this Sunday in Super Bowl XLV.  But, there’s an off-field battle brewing.  Of American adults who are planning to watch the big game this year, will they be tuning in for the game or for the ads?  According to this national Marist Poll, the battle for the Lombardi trophy reigns supreme.  74% say they watch the Super Bowl more for the game while 26% tune in more for the commercials. ©istockphoto.com/Kameleon007 Little has changed since last year.  In Marist’s February 2010 survey, 78% reported they watched more for the game while... 

11/23: Helmet-to-Helmet Hits: Football Fans Define the Penalty

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The NFL has been cracking down on players who commit illegal helmet-to-helmet hits with fines and suspensions.  But, what do football fans think the punishment should be for this type of player conduct?  More than one-fifth — 27% — believe these players should be, both, fined and suspended.  An additional 31% say they should be only fined while 22% believe they should just be suspended.  One-fifth — 20% — believe neither punishment should be used. ©istockphoto.com/mstahlphoto Younger football fans are more tolerant of helmet-to-helmet hits. 27% of those younger than... 

10/1: Majority of U.S. Residents College Football Fans … Nearly Half Watch NFL & College Ball

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54% of U.S. residents are college football fans.  This includes 12% who watch college football a great deal, 10% who enjoy a good amount of it, and 32% who say they follow it a little.  46% do not watch college football at all. ©istockphoto.com/dehooks Men, residents who earn $50,000 or more annually, and those in the Midwest, West, and South are those who are most likely to be college football fans. Americans, however, are more inclined to be professional football fans than college football fans.  More than two-thirds of U.S. residents — 68% — tune into the NFL at least a little... 

9/17: Manning Bowl 2010: Peyton and the Colts Favored

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Quarterback brothers Eli and Peyton Manning will square off this Sunday night when the Indianapolis Colts play the New York Giants.  So, which brother will claim bragging rights in the Manning family?  According to 61% of football fans nationally, Peyton Manning will lead the Colts to victory this Sunday while 27% report that younger brother Eli and the Giants will be triumphant.  12% are unsure. Peyton Manning (Photo courtesy of Whitehouse.gov) While Peyton Manning is the favorite among football fans, regardless of geographic region, more fans in the Northeast (40%) than in the West (25%),... 

9/8: NY Jets vs. NY Giants: Which Will Have the Better Season?

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Who do football fans think will have the better football season this year?  Will it be the New York Jets or the New York Giants?  Find out in the latest NY Daily News/Marist Poll.  To read the full Daily News article, click here. ©istockphoto.com/Willard Tables for The Marist Poll Conducted for the Daily News: NY Football Team with Better Season Football Fans Marist Poll Methodology  Read More →

2/5: Advocacy Ads During the Super Bowl? Public Okays Tebow Ad

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Although more than three-quarters of Americans who plan to tune in this Sunday — 78% — say they watch the Super Bowl for the game, a notable proportion — 22% — say the commercials are the main attraction. Tim Tebow (Photo courtesy of the White House) As usual, this year’s Super Bowl ads are generating a lot of attention, but the introduction of advocacy ads is adding a new layer to the discussion.  Networks have, previously, been hesitant to include issue-related commercials during Super Bowl coverage.  And, nearly one-half of Americans — 49% — agree... 

2/5: Advocacy Ads: A Broadcast Veteran’s View

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What do those in broadcasting have to say about the Tim Tebow ad? Lee Salzberger Lee Salzberger has a worked in the broadcast industry for 40 years.   He has managed television station affiliates of CBS and ABC and, as a group head, has additional Fox responsibilities.  Salzberger has served on the ABC Board of Affiliates and has taught television sales and programming at the University of North Texas for the past five years. When Salzberger spoke with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks, he shared his insights into the advocacy ad discussion: John Sparks Lee, in the past, television stations and... 

2/5: Advocacy Ads: The Lasting Impact?

Peggy Wehmeyer was the national religion correspondent for ABC-TV.  She spoke with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks on possible effects of the Tim Tebow/Focus on the Family Super Bowl Commercial. John Sparks Peggy, while there’ve been television commercials aired by Pro-Life groups in the past, there hasn’t really been such a precedent to air one during a national broadcast that would attract 90-million viewers like the Super Bowl. With CBS’ decision to accept the ad, do you think that we might see more of this sort of ad placement in the future? Listen to the interview: Peggy... 

2/4: “Somebody Has to Lose…” Reeeaaalllly?

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With just days until Super Bowl Sunday, many Americans are gearing up for the big game, but they’re also sending a message to sportscasters, “Stop using annoying phrases!” ©istockphoto.com/DSGpro “I’m sure the CBS Sports team will do an excellent job of announcing the game, but they might dodge a few eye rolls if they avoid these commonly used phrases,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist Institute for Public Opinion. Which cliché do Super Bowl watchers think is the most irritating? “It’s too bad somebody has to lose” tops the list with... 

12/11: Saints with Golden Halo…Vikings Fall from Grace

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As the NFL heads into the final weeks of the regular season, which team do football fans think has the best chance of winning the Super Bowl?  The New Orleans Saints top the list with 32% of football fans saying they will still be victorious come February.  The Indianapolis Colts receive 15% followed by the Minnesota Vikings with 8%, the Dallas Cowboys with 5%, and the New England Patriots with 4%. ©istockphoto.com/padnpen What a difference six weeks make!  When Marist last asked about the Super Bowl favorite in October, the Vikings were the pick of 13%.  The Colts came in second with 10%,... 

10/28: Pigskin Prognostications…No Clear Super Bowl Pick

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Super Bowl Sunday may be months away, but that doesn’t mean football fans don’t have their fair share of early predictions.  But, is one team the runaway favorite? ©istockphoto.com/filo 13% of football fans think Brett Favre will lead the Minnesota Vikings to victory while 10% say Peyton Manning and the Colts will be the last team standing in February.  Younger brother, Eli Manning, and the Giants are the pick of 9% of football fans.  An additional 9% of armchair quarterbacks expect Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers to repeat.  8% think Tom Brady and the New England Patriots... 

8/14: Let Vick Play, But Not In My Back Yard, Say Football Fans

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The Philadelphia Eagles have made the controversial decision to sign Quarterback Michael Vick to a two-year deal.  But, was it a good idea in the eyes of public opinion? ©istockphoto.com/spxChrome Although Vick was convicted and served prison time for his role in operating a dogfighting ring, a majority of football fans nationwide — 57% — agree with the NFL commissioner’s decision to allow Vick to return to the league.  36% disagree with that decision.  Younger fans and men are more likely to be in favor of the ruling compared with older ones and women. However, the tides turn...