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Poll Hub: What’s in an Approval Rating?


Poll Hub: What’s in an Approval Rating?

Why President Trump’s job approval rating has not moved during his first year in office.

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President Donald Trump has certainly been in the thick of things during his first 10 months in office, but his job approval rating has changed little since he took the Oath of Office.

As this episode of Poll Hub explains, President Trump maintains the support of his base and focuses on issues that interest his core group of supporters. But, a majority of Americans consider the president’s policies to mostly favor the wealthy. As the president’s policy initiatives move forward, could that impact public opinion and President Trump’s job approval rating? Poll Hub takes on the question.

And, what’s up with the United States Congress? David Lightman, veteran congressional reporter and editor for McClatchy, joins Poll Hub to talk about the state of Congress today. Lightman, with the Poll Hub crew, discusses this unprecedented and tumultuous time in Washington, D.C. With members of the Republican Party and Democratic Party receiving abysmal job approval ratings, Lightman offers perspective on why their scores are so low and the message the American people have been sending to Congress for nearly a decade. He digs deep into the complexity of the relationship between the White House and Congress, why these two branches of government cannot work together, and whether or not this Congress will be able to get anything accomplished.

Plus, on the policy front, Lightman unravels why the GOP faces challenges to getting its highly coveted tax bill passed through both houses of Congress and why the leadership of the House of Representatives and Senate have had a tough time passing legislation.

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