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Poll Hub: Trump Putin Fallout


Poll Hub: Trump Putin Fallout

Do Trump supporters care about how close he appears to be with Russian President Putin?

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Following the Trump/Putin Summit and the President’s European allies trip, there has been bipartisan outrage over Trump’s friendliness towards Russia. Some have called the President’s performance traitorous, disgusting, worrisome – but there’s no evidence that Congress, led by Republicans, will actually do anything. And that’s probably smart politics on their part.

And why did’s Nate Silver describe the Axios story on their own Survey Monkey poll of battleground state Senate races in 2018 this way? The Axios treatment of this poll is basically “How to repeat all the errors the media made when covering polls in 2016, in one chart”. We’ve got a pretty good idea.

Then our Director of Data Management and Technology, Stephanie Calvano, helps us understand how pollsters get their samples – and how that can dramatically impact the quality of polls.

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    July 27, 2018 at 11:43 AM

    That’s a great question Kathy. We addressed this very issue on a recent Poll Hub podcast: which you might find interesting. In short, our Director of Data Management and Technology Stephanie Calvano explained that one of our first questions to respondents is if they consider their permanent home address to be in the state we are calling, so we are accurately talking to residents who are eligible to vote in that state. On our national polls we still ask which state a respondent lives in to make sure we account for the fact that cell phone numbers aren’t necessarily tied to where one lives and ensure our data is accurate. In the case of state polls however, we need to make many more calls than we otherwise would. We’re always working on new ways to ensure we are interviewing a random and representative sample.

  2. Kathy Salmanson

    July 21, 2018 at 12:46 PM

    I have lived in Georgia for four years and have been voting here but I have no landline and Palm Beach, FL cellphone. I get polled often. How do polling companies account for voters like me, especially since I may still appear on voter registration records in Florida if my name hasn’t been purged?

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