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Poll Hub: Race in America


Poll Hub: Race in America

The perceptions and realities of race in the Trump era.

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Stories of taking a knee and other national anthem protests by NFL players to draw attention to racial inequality in the United States have saturated news headlines. But, what is the status of race relations in the nation today?

This episode of Poll Hub addresses that very question with special attention given to President Donald Trump’s impact on race relations in the United States. Mr. Trump’s first nine months in office have been consumed with the topic of race, and according to Exclusive Third Rail with OZY-Marist Poll numbers, a plurality of Americans, 46%, say President Trump’s comments about people of color such as Muslims, immigrants, or African Americans make it more acceptable to make racist comments.

Expounding upon their recent survey findings, Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, and Dr. Barbara L. Carvalho, Director of The Marist College Poll, dig deeper into the issue and analyze the role social media plays in the discussion of race, whether or not Americans think everyone regardless of color has an equal opportunity to advance in American society, how those perceptions have changed over time, and whether or not people of color need to fight harder for racial inequality.

Then, Jay DeDapper, political journalist and tech entrepreneur, leads the discussion in a different direction. Media outlets across the nation recently reported on a survey conducted by John Villasenor, visiting UCLA law professor and Brookings Institution Senior Fellow, about college students and the First Amendment. Many journalists were attracted to one specific finding which showed that close to one in five survey respondents approved of using violence to disrupt a speaker known for using hate speech. But, peel away the layers of the survey, and these findings might not be exactly what they appear to be. The Poll Hub crew explains.

And, can money buy happiness? The Poll Hub team discusses a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in an attempt to answer this age-old question.

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