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Poll Hub: It’s All in the Wording


Poll Hub: It’s All in the Wording

Why question wording matters in survey research.

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In this episode of Poll Hub, the team does something they have never done before – calling out poor question wording.

At issue is a question included in the October Harvard-Harris Poll which asks:

Some people say that the Iran nuclear deal is not perfect and the Iranians are building up their nuclear capability secretly, but we should not rock the boat now and just let it all slide along. Others say if Iranians are not compliant we have to call them out on it and push to renegotiate the deal with real verification. What would be your preferred course of action?

Confused? You are not alone. Poll Hub explains why this question is so confounding and why it should never be included in a survey.

And, how do campaign polls differ from public opinion polls? Poll Hub brings in two experts, Bob Bellafiore of Stanhope Partners and Steve Greenberg of Greenberg Public Relations, to break it all down. Bellafiore, who served as spokesperson for former New York Governor George Pataki and Greenberg, who was Communications Director for former New York State Comptroller H. Carl McCall provide a unique perspective on campaign polling and how it is used to shape campaign strategy.

About Poll Hub

Poll Hub goes behind the science to explain how polling works, what polls really show, and what the numbers really mean. Poll Hub is produced by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, home of America’s leading independent college public opinion poll, The Marist Poll. Lee Miringoff (Director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion), Barbara Carvalho (Director of the Marist Poll) and Jay DeDapper (Director of Innovations at The Marist Poll) dig deep to give you a look at the inner workings of polls and what they tell us about our world, our country, and ourselves.

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