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Poll Hub: Everything Old is New Again. Or, Is It?


Poll Hub: Everything Old is New Again. Or, Is It?

How the government shutdown compares with those of the past

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President Donald Trump, the government shutdown, and yes, the border wall. On this week’s Poll Hub, we look at Americans’ attitudes about the shutdown, how the current gridlock reflects past shutdowns, who Americans blame for the gridlock, and whether the issue of the border wall bolsters or weakens President Trump’s position.

Then, Ariel Edwards-Levy (@aedwardslevy), Reporter and Polling Editor at HuffPost, joins the conversation. Edwards-Levy recently conducted an examination into how public opinion has evolved from the beginning of polling in the 1930s. Thanks to a deep dive into the archive at the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (@RoperCenter), Edwards-Levy analyzes the change and consistency in attitudes on a variety of topics from gender roles to the internet. She shares the surprises, the expected, and her research methods on this week’s Poll Hub.

Oh and be sure to check out Edwards-Levy’s complete article here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/historical-polls-2018-20th-century-america_us_5c2a47aae4b05c88b7029f37

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Poll Hub goes behind the science to explain how polling works, what polls really show, and what the numbers really mean. Poll Hub is produced by The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, home of America’s leading independent college public opinion poll, The Marist Poll. Lee Miringoff (Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion), Barbara Carvalho (Director of The Marist Poll), and Jay DeDapper (Director of Innovation at The Marist Poll) dig deep to give you a look at the inner workings of polls and what they tell us about our world, our country, and ourselves.

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