5/31: Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

Americans divide over whether or not prostitution should be legal, according to an Exclusive Point Taken-Marist Poll, commissioned by WGBH Boston for its new late-night, multi-platform PBS debate series Point Taken.  A majority of men agree it should be legal and think permitting prostitution under the law would allow it to be regulated.  Just fewer than half of women believe prostitution should not be legal, and they divide over whether legalization will lower risks or endanger women.  Little consensus exists regarding the legal ramifications for the sex worker or the client.  On most of... 

American Millennials

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Director of Media Relations for The Knights of Columbus, Andrew Walther, speaks with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks about the survey, American Millennials: Generations Apart.  The survey, undertaken by The Knights of Columbus in partnership with The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, was released in January and aimed at identifying the views of America’s youth in the wake of the nation’s economic crisis and at uncovering the priorities of these young adults. In their discussion, Sparks and Walther touch upon business ethics in the workplace, the similarities and differences... 

Business Ethics in a Time of Crisis

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The tumult of the American economy has reverberated in homes, workplaces, and boardrooms and has left few untouched. Business Ethics in a Time of Economic Crisis surveys Americans and top level business executives to understand their opinions and reactions to the events which have shaken Corporate America. Undertaken by the Knights of Columbus in partnership with the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, the study looks beyond the headlines. This report presents the findings from two quantitative surveys: one which spoke with 2,071 Americans, and a second which interviewed 110 high-level... 

Contributor’s Corner: Beyond the Numbers

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Knights of Columbus CEO, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, discusses the findings of “Business Ethics in a Time of Economic Crisis,” a survey conducted in partnership with the Marist Institute for Public Opinion to determine the public’s level of confidence and trust in business and leadership. Carl Anderson 2,072 Americans and a group of 110 high-level business leaders were questioned about ethics and business credibility. Here’s the transcript of Anderson’s interview with The Marist Poll’s John Sparks about the survey’s findings. JOHN SPARKS Carl, I was wondering first of all,... 

The Wrong Crowd

There is a crisis of public confidence in America’s business institutions.  A recent Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll shows a majority of Americans give Corporate America failing grades for ethics and honesty and most think business executives check their ethical standards at the door.  The public believes excessive executive salaries, exaggerated claims about products or services, dishonesty to employees, improper accounting practices, or falsifying of records is common corporate practice.  Ironically, many business executives agree. Barbara Carvalho This translates into a dim view of corporate... 

Congressional Overdrive? 48% Disapprove of Auto Rescue Plan

The U.S. House of Representatives may have approved a $14 billion plan to rescue the American auto industry, but nearly half of Americans say they disapprove of the government’s intervention. With action on the legislation expected in the U.S. Senate as early as today, 48% of U.S. residents nationwide disapprove of Congress providing federal loans to the automakers while 41% approve of the federal assistance. Looking at registered voters in the United States, the numbers are similar. Read the full post  Read More →