4/26: Weighing the Value of a College Education

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A majority of Americans, including parents with children under 18 years of age, think college is worth the price tag, and many consider a college education to be important for both future earning potential and personal growth and experience, according to an Exclusive Point Taken-Marist Poll, commissioned by WGBH Boston for its new late-night, multi-platform PBS debate series Point Taken.  However, three in four U.S. residents consider the cost of a college education to be out of reach for most American families. The national survey was conducted by The Marist Poll in advance of this week’s... 

5/4: Newfound Money: What Would You Do? Latino Americans Emphasize Home Ownership

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If given $100,000 to spend or invest, with no strings attached, saving for long-term expenses such as retirement or college, 25%, buying a home or paying off a mortgage, 24%, and paying down their debt, 22%, top the list of ways Americans would spend or invest their newfound funds.  Among Latinos, buying a home or paying a mortgage, 32%, is the top way they would invest their newly acquired cash.  Saving for long-term expenses, paying off debt, and starting a business, follow. When it comes to cell phone usage, American and Latino cell phone owners, alike,  use a smartphone.  Among Americans,... 

4/13: Fewer Americans Expect Tax Refund

With the deadline looming for Americans to file their tax returns, fewer residents who file taxes think they will get a refund compared with 2014.  More than six in ten of those who wait until April 15th to file do not expect a refund. “Late filers are less motivated,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “Most Americans who wait until the last minute to file their taxes are not expecting good news.” Complete April 13, 2015 Marist Poll of the United States Poll points: 54% of Americans who are filing taxes this year expect a refund, down... 

4/14: The Tax Man Cometh… Nearly One in Four Waits to File Tax Returns

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The clock is counting down for Americans to file their taxes.  But, how many adults nationally wait until the April 15th deadline to submit their returns?  While 76% of residents file their tax returns before the deadline, 24% wait until the very end to submit them. Click Here for Complete April 14, 2014 McClatchy-Marist Poll Release and Tables POLL MUST BE SOURCED: McClatchy-Marist Poll “People who are expecting to get money back are more eager to file earlier,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “Those who have to write another check... 

2/5: Millions of Americans Having Financial Difficulty, but Optimism about the Future Grows

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Millions of Americans are having trouble making ends meet.  Close to four in ten adults nationally — 37% — describe the state of their household finances as either weak — 17% — or somewhat weak — 20%.  That 17% of adults translates into approximately 41 million Americans who are struggling to get by.  This compares with more than six in ten adults — 63% — who say their financial situation is either strong — 24% — or somewhat strong — 39%. Click Here for Complete February 5, 2014 USA NBC News/Marist Poll Release and Tables “Despite... 

12/16: Holiday Spending… It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Last Year

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The hope that an improving economy would spur holiday shopping does not seem to be materializing.   A majority of Americans who buy holiday presents — 52% — believe they will spend about the same amount on their shopping as they did last year.  Only 10% say they plan to spend more money this year, and nearly four in ten — 38% — think they will spend less.  These results are almost identical to last year.  When Marist reported this question in 2012, 51% said they would spend about the same amount as the year before, 12% said they were going to spend more on their gifts,... 

12/14: More than One in Ten Holiday Shoppers Spending More this Holiday Season

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While 51% of Americans who spend money on holiday shopping say they expect to dish out about the same amount of money as they did last year, there has been both an uptick in those who expect to spend more this holiday season and a decline in the proportion who say they will spend less.  12% of holiday shoppers plan to spend more money this year which is the highest in more than a decade.  Last year, only 7% of holiday shoppers were poised to increase their spending.  There has also been a slight decrease in the proportion of those who plan to spend less.  37% say they will decrease their expenditures... 

4/19: Nearly Eight in Ten New York Drivers Feel Pinch at the Pump

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The higher cost of gasoline has created increased financial strain for New York State drivers.  According to this NY1/YNN-Marist Poll, 78% of New Yorkers with gasoline expenses report the increased cost has put, at least, a moderate amount of strain on their family budget.  This includes 36% who say it has added a great deal of strain and 42% who feel a moderate amount of financial stress.  12% report gas prices have not added very much strain to their personal finances while 10% say it has added no stress at all. Click Here for Complete Thursday, April 19, 2012 NYS NY1/YNN-Marist Poll Release... 

4/13: Forget the Mattress! More than One in Four Americans “Freeze” Their Assets

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With the clock ticking down to Tax Day, money is on the minds of many Americans.  When it comes to the “mad” money they keep in their homes, where do they like to stash it?  More than one in four Americans — 27% — reports they hide their money in the freezer.  19% of residents “sock” their green away while 11% sleep well at night with their cash stuffed under their mattress.  One in ten — 10% — buries their dough in the cookie jar while 9% leave their loot in some other household location.  17% say there is no good place in the home to hide their money, and... 

11/22: More than Four in Ten Plan to Spend Less This Holiday Season

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, do Americans plan to spend more money this holiday season?  Half of adults who spend money on holiday shopping — 50% — say they will shell out the same amount they did last year, but more than four in ten — 42% — think they will spend less money, and only 7% expect to spend more. ©istockphoto.com/eyeidea Click Here for Complete November 22, 2011 USA Marist Poll Release and Tables Last year, similar proportions of adults who spend money on holiday shopping had these views.  At that time, 51% thought they would... 

10/3: Nearly Two-Thirds Plagued with Financial Woes, But Fewer See Finances Getting Worse

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More than six in ten adults nationally — 64% — worry they won’t be able to pay their family’s expenses and bills at least some of the time.  This includes 30% who are always concerned their income won’t meet their expenses and 34% who are worried some of the time.  One in five — 20% — are seldom stressed about covering their bills while 17% never agonize over it. ©istockphoto.com/damircudic Click Here for Complete October 3, 2011 Marist Poll Release and Tables Women express greater concern than men.  More than seven in ten women — 71% — worry about... 

12/20: Majority Says, “No,” to Credit Card Use During Holidays

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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is well underway, and as cash registers nationwide ring up all of those holiday purchases, there is one thing missing — plastic.  56% of U.S. adults who spend money on holiday shopping say they are not using credit cards while purchasing their holiday presents.  26% are buying some of their gifts on credit while 9% are using their credit cards for most of them.  An additional 9% are charging all of their holiday purchases. ©istockphoto.com/NWphotoguy Income does play a role here.  66% of those who earn less than $50,000 annually do not plan... 

7/9: More Americans Optimistic About Personal Financial Situation

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33% of U.S. residents expect their personal family finances to improve in the next year.  This is a slight increase from the 28% who reported the same in Marist’s April 2009 survey. ©istockphoto.com/bttoro And, there has been a decrease in the proportion of Americans who anticipate their family finances will get worse during the next 12 months.  15% think this will be the case while 22% said the same 15 months ago.  The proportion of those who believe their financial circumstances will stay about the same is little changed from Marist’s previous survey.  A majority — 52% —... 

7/9: 77% of NYS Voters Know Someone Who’s Lost Job

In a poll that suggests the vast repercussions of the economic crisis, 77% of New York State registered voters say they personally know someone who has lost their job in the last 6 months. ©istockphoto.com/NoahGolan More voters in New York City and in the suburbs say they know someone who has lost his/her job during that timeframe.  82% of city voters and 79% of those in the suburbs report this to be the case.  This compares with 74% Upstate. Slight differences are also apparent among income groups.  82% of people with an income of $100,000 or more say they know someone who’s joined the ranks... 

4/28: Talking to Kids About Money

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With the recession dominating daily headlines, few people are immune to the stress that accompanies today’s tough economic times.  But, for parents who are having a difficult time making ends meet, does talking to their children about money problems add to or reduce the stress?  For nearly six in ten Americans, talking to kids about money increases family anxiety while 28% say it alleviates it. ©istockphoto.com/madisonwi More younger Americans than older Americans believe discussing financial matters with their children is an added stress.  71% of residents under age 45 and 51% of those 45... 

Cluing Kids In About Cash: An Interview

Talking to children about money can present its own set of problems.  What’s the appropriate age to discuss money matters with your kids?  And, how can you teach them financial responsibility? Carol Anne Riddell Parenting and Education Reporter Carol Anne Riddell shared some of her insights with the Marist Poll’s John Sparks.  Read the transcript of the full interview below. John Sparks Carol Anne, what do you think is a good age to start talking to children about money? Listen to Part 1 of the Interview: Carol Anne Riddell Well, it’s an interesting thing. I think that you... 

Kids and Money: Lessons from the Past and Dealing with the Present

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Any parent reading the interview with Carol Anne Riddell about talking to kids about money, can’t help picking up some very valuable tips in teaching their children about handling finances. John Sparks Carol Anne suggested if we teach our sons and daughters how to handle money responsibly at an early age, they might avoid falling into some of the pitfalls we find ourselves in today — most notably borrowing ourselves out of house and home with no means of repaying our debts. Talking to Carol Anne brought back memories of my childhood and valuable lessons I learned about money from my parents. I... 

4/15: Lending Money — All In the Family?

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If you’ve been asked for a loan, you’re not alone.  In fact, a majority of Americans — 57% — say a friend or family member has asked to borrow money from them.  So, who are the borrowers? ©istockphoto.com/jgroup Usually, it’s a brother or sister, according to 30% of those who say they have been approached for a loan.  A child or grandchild sought money from 21% of would-be lenders.   And, nearly 1 in 5 — 19% — has been approached by a friend. Does your income influence who may ask you for money?  25% of those making less than $50,000 a year who were asked for... 

4/15: Americans Cutting Spending In Time of Economic Crisis

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Not surprisingly, most Americans have significantly cut back on their spending and nearly everyone has been looking for ways to be more cost-conscious during these tough economic times.  61% of families report they have recently had to dramatically cut the family budget. ©istockphoto.com/dra_schwartz Struggling to make ends meet through this recession has taken a bite out of how and what we eat.  From frills to staples, a staggering 87% of American families have rethought their eating habits and the food they buy in order to reduce costs. Table: Significantly Cutting Back Table: Cutback At Least... 

4/14: Tax Time — Eight in Ten File Early

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Will procrastination pay off? Although one in five Americans wait until the final moments to file their taxes, 80% do not wait, according to the latest Marist Poll.  In fact, the proportion of early filers increases when looking at U.S. residents who expect to get a refund.  89% of those lucky Americans say they mail in their returns prior to the deadline.  But, early birds aren’t necessarily spread out across the country.  Residents in the West are more likely to wait to file their taxes than are Americans in other parts of the country.  29% report they hold out until April 15th to mail... 

Debt Consolidation

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2009 ushered in an increase in consumer debt after three consecutive months of decline in the fourth quarter of last year.  But, for many families struggling with job loss, declining wages or housing values, there is a need to find options to relieve the pressures of mounting debt. ©istockphoto.com/DNY59 In a Marist Poll conducted in March 2009, 21% of Americans report they have looked into consolidating or refinancing their debt or outstanding loans.  Interestingly, nearly three in ten households with a family income of $100,000 or more have explored this avenue for cutting costs.  This includes... 

Season’s Spending? Many Americans Cutting Costs

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More then two-thirds of Americans say they are spending less this holiday season. 68% of residents nationally report they are cutting costs, including 32% who say they are reducing their spending by a great deal and another 36% who are cutting back somewhat. 14% report they aren’t changing their shopping habits all that much while 18% say they aren’t reducing their purchases at all. Not surprisingly, households earning less are spending less. Read the full post  Read More →

NYC Residents Talk Turkey: Thanksgiving Traditions ’08

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A significant number of New Yorkers who will celebrate Thanksgiving this year are tightening their belts. 47% say they are slashing some or much of their spending while only about one in five are minimally cutting their costs. 34% report their Thanksgiving spending habits are staying the same. Read the full post  Read More →

National Poll: Making Ends Meet

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Most Americans believe the country is in an economic recession: 78% of Americans think the U.S. economy is in a recession. People who live in the eastern part of the country are most likely to share this view. Many Americans are having difficulty making ends meet: 65% of Americans say they worry that their income will not be enough to meet their bills and expenses either always or sometimes. People with a family income of less than $50,000 a year are especially hard hit. Read the full post  Read More →

National Poll: Gas Prices Stall Summer Vacation Plans

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Although many Americans will get away this summer, as gas prices continue to rise, the majority are planning shorter getaways: 63% of Americans plan to take a summer vacation but gas prices are one factor in the plans they are making. 55% of vacationers have opted to take several shorter weekend getaways instead of the traditional long summer retreat. Money matters. Americans with incomes under $50,000 are least likely to be planning a summer break. And among those lucky enough to get away, Americans with lower incomes are most likely to be planning shorter trips. Read the full post  Read More →