7/14: Going Local…Majority Do Not Plan to Travel This Summer

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According to this Marist Poll, a majority of adults nationally — 55% — say they won’t be booking a summer vacation this year.  45%, however, are planning to hit the road.  The proportion of residents who are traveling has changed little over the past couple of years.  In 2010, Marist found that 48% of Americans were escaping from their daily routine while 49% ventured away from home in 2009. ©istockphoto.com/Hafizov Click Here for Complete July 14, 2011 USA Poll Release and Tables Among those who are taking a trip this summer, a long getaway isn’t necessarily on their agenda. ... 

7/2: Homebound: Majority of Americans Staying Home This Summer

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A majority of U.S. residents are planning to stay local this summer.  52% say they do not intend to take a summer vacation this year.  48%, however, are going to get out of town.  When Marist last asked this question in the spring 2009, it was the first time a majority of voters said they were not taking a summer vacation.  51% reported this to be the case while 49% were going to take a trip. ©istockphoto.com/Yuri_Arcurs Who’s more likely to hit the road?  Midwesterners, Americans earning $50,000 or more annually, men, and those 30 to 44 years old are the most likely to take a summer vacation. Table: ... 

9/3: There’s No Place Like Home…Vacations Dubbed “Disasters”

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Summer is winding down, and for those lucky enough to have travelled this season, that means carrying memories of tropical, exotic, and/or relaxing destinations. ©istockphoto.com/Mark Hatfield But, are those memories always good ones? Not for one-fifth of Americans.  That’s the proportion of residents nationwide who say they have been on a disaster vacation at some point in their lives.  Most — 80% — however, report they have not experienced a “disaster” trip. What caused those miserable memories?  23% blame the weather, and the same proportion cites the people with whom they... 

7/23: A Slice of New York Life

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Are you thinking about traveling to New York City, but are overwhelmed by the numerous landmarks and attractions at your fingertips?  Fuhgeddaboudit!  New York City registered voters know where to go!  And, here’s how they weigh in.   Statue of Liberty: Crowning Glory for Nearly One-Third of NYC Voters There’s no question about it.  New York City is chock full of landmarks!  But which landmark is the most popular among city dwellers?  For 32% of registered voters in New York City, the answer is Lady Liberty.  The more than 1,500-foot main span of the Brooklyn Bridge comes in a... 

5/21: Less Than Half of Americans to Vacation This Summer

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Fewer than half of all Americans — 49% — plan on taking a summer vacation this year.  When Marist last posed this question two years ago, 63% reported they were hitting the road. ©istockphoto.com/pixhook Annual household income currently plays a large role here. Just 38% of residents earning less than $50,000 a year will be taking a trip within the next few months.  This compares with 57% who make between $50,000 and $99,999 annually and 77% of those who earn $100,000 or more.  Those living in the Midwest and South have been the hardest hit. Included in the 49% who are lucky enough... 

5/21: Big Apple: Big Fun?

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Think summer.  Think vacation.  Think closer to home?  A plurality of Americans — 46% — view New York City as an excellent or good place to visit or vacation.  But, call them biased, the numbers are bolstered by Northeasterners.  63% of Americans who live in the region see the Big Apple as a potential vacation destination. ©istockphoto.com/Linbeek Nationwide, a majority of parents consider New York City to be on the list of places to visit.  51% of parents are intrigued by the sights of the city compared with 46% of Americans as a whole. It’s also for the young at heart and... 

New Yorkers Invite You to Visit

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New Yorkers overwhelmingly rate their city tops as a place to visit or vacation: 84% of city residents think New York City is an excellent or good place to visit or vacation including 48% of city residents who rate the city as “excellent.” Many New Yorkers welcome the national Republican convention this summer: 59% of New York City residents, including 60% of Democrats, think hosting the national Republican convention this summer is good for the city. Read the full post  Read More →