4/6: Fans & Public Agree: Character More Important Than Talent

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Baseball fans and the general public both value a ballplayer’s character more than his talent.  63% of the public say character matters most.  64% of the public who are baseball fans agree.  However 31% of the fans say talent is more important compared to 24% of the general public.

And, when it comes to being role models, 48% of the general public think baseball players teach kids mostly good things on and off the field.  A greater percentage of those who call themselves fans (56%) believe players are good role models.

Table – Baseball Players:  Talent vs. Character
Table – Players as Role Models

Marist Poll Methodology

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One Response to “4/6: Fans & Public Agree: Character More Important Than Talent”

  1. Andrew Croft on July 27th, 2009 9:35 pm

    I think the two go together well, if the baseball player has character then chances are he will be a good role model, unless of course his character is someone who is constantly in trouble and in the public eye.

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