7/15: A Student’s Perspective: Recollections from Marist Pollster Nick Bayer

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Nick Bayer, a fourth year Marist Poll veteran and Head Coach, stopped in the other day to talk about his time at MIPO. After joining the team in the fall of his freshman year, Nick was quickly promoted to the highest held student position of Head Coach. When I asked Nick what his time with us has meant to him and how it has impacted his Marist experience, he took a step back and recalled some of his most memorable moments at the Marist Poll. “From the time I started at The Marist Poll I loved it,” Nick reflects. In fact, he says his favorite semester was his first since it was the fall leading... 

6/3: 2015 Distinguished Service Award

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The 2015 Jill Carboni Distinguished Service award goes to Alexa Gherlone. Alexa has worked with us since her freshman year and has been a valued member of the Marist Poll team.  After demonstrating her excellent interviewing skills, she was quickly promoted to a coach position.  Alexa was promoted again her junior year to a head coach position. Alexa has worked nearly 100 nights as a Coach and Head Coach combined.  Thanks for all the hard work!  Read More →

5/29: 2015 Baccalaureate Award Winner

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Katie, a double major in History and French, has been an amazing asset at The Marist Poll as an interviewer, Head Coach, and office assistant. Katie has gone above and beyond in her classes, internships, and at the Marist Poll.  Her dedication, hard work, and talent have made her a stand out performer.  We will miss you Katie!  Read More →

2/20: From Undergrad to Grad: A Different Perspective from The Marist Poll

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Mike Conte has a unique insight into The Marist Poll.  As an undergraduate, the now 23-year-old Conte had a successful tenure at The Marist Poll.  And, while he received his bachelor’s degree in business marketing from Marist College last spring, Conte is back at the Institute, working as a graduate assistant while he pursues his MBA. Michael Conte As a high school student, the Connecticut native always envisioned himself sitting in a corner office in a large skyscraper someday.  But, he never thought he would become a political enthusiast.  While Conte acknowledges a mild interest in politics... 

5/20: A Farewell to One of MIPO’s Shining Stars

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Nick Mayr shouldn’t be graduating this spring. Nick Mayr No.  Mayr, 21, has not fallen prey to an ailing academic record in need of life support.  Rather, Mayr’s drive and determination have led him to complete his undergraduate studies in three years time.  And, it’s that perseverance which has contributed to Mayr’s selection as The Marist Poll’s featured student. Like many of MIPO’s supervisors and interviewers, Mayr began his polling “career” by signing up at Marist’s job fair his freshman year.  Although he was familiar with the poll, he didn’t know just... 

Introducing Pebbles and Pundits’ Theme Song

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The theme song for The Marist Poll’s website was composed by Joseph Mager, a Marist College student enrolled in the Fall 2009 unit of Political Communication and Politics.  Joe wrote and performed Pebbles and Pundits theme song as a creative project pertaining to his coursework. Check out our theme song and get to know its composer below. An Interview with Joe Mager, Student Composer of Pebbles and Pundits’ Theme Song Name: Joseph Mager Age: 20 years old Year of Study: Junior From where did the idea for the Marist Poll theme song come? I would have to say a culmination of my passion... 

Bittersweet Farewell…Sending Off One of Our Own

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It was a brief introduction to what would become a huge part of Liz Zieniewicz’s college experience.  As an incoming Marist College freshman, Zieniewicz received a letter in the mail advertising employment opportunities at The Marist Poll. Liz Zieniewicz That was four years ago — a lifetime in the world of a college student.  But, for Zieniewicz, it feels like it all happened in a flash marked by wonderful memories of her time at The Marist Poll. Looking back, the 21-year old graduating senior recalls that she desired an on campus job but wasn’t quite sure The Marist Poll was... 

An Unlikely Pollster Turned Most Valuable Pollster

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Polling was probably the last thing on Mary Baker’s mind when she transferred to Marist College her Sophomore year.  In fact, her interest in the The Marist Poll grew out of necessity.  She needed an on-campus job.  But, it was only a matter of time before Baker became hooked. “Speaking with a lot of the respondents made me feel I was a part of the polling process.  I felt a stronger connection…to politics in general,” says Baker. However, the 21-year old Senior wasn’t satisfied with being an interviewer.  She felt she could do more for The Marist Poll and pursued...