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9/3: There’s No Place Like Home…Vacations Dubbed “Disasters”


9/3: There’s No Place Like Home…Vacations Dubbed “Disasters”

Summer is winding down, and for those lucky enough to have travelled this season, that means carrying memories of tropical, exotic, and/or relaxing destinations.

© Hatfield

© Hatfield

But, are those memories always good ones? Not for one-fifth of Americans.  That’s the proportion of residents nationwide who say they have been on a disaster vacation at some point in their lives.  Most — 80% — however, report they have not experienced a “disaster” trip.

What caused those miserable memories?  23% blame the weather, and the same proportion cites the people with whom they went.  With 15%, illness is named as the number three reason. And, rounding out the top five are accommodations with 10% and transportation with 9%.  Destination, crime, and food follow with 7%, 6%, and 1%, respectively.

Table: Had Disaster Vacation/Reason

Marist Poll Methodology

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