9/16: Paterson’s Approval Rating at 20%

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Governor David Paterson can’t catch a break from registered voters in New York State.  Only one-fifth thinks he is performing well in office while 34% say he is doing a poor job.  Paterson has had no luck climbing out of the political basement.  In Marist’s June survey, the governor garnered a 21% approval rating.  One month prior, he chalked up 19%.

Courtesy of New York State

Courtesy of New York State

The news for Governor Paterson gets even worse.  When looking at party, he is even scraping bottom with his fellow Democrats.  Just 24% of Democrats say he is doing well as governor.  12% of Republicans and 22% of non-enrolled voters agree.

Table: Paterson Approval Rating

Money Matters to NYS Voters…Two-Thirds Disapprove of Handling of Economic Crisis

If Governor Paterson has a redeeming quality with New York State voters, his fiscal prowess is not it. 66% say they disapprove of how Paterson is handling the economic crisis while just three in ten approve of his management.  In June, 61% disapproved of his tactics while 31% approved.

The governor doesn’t fare much better on the budget.  Currently, 68% disapprove of how he is handling the state’s budget, and 27% approve.  Paterson has lost support on this issue.  When Marist asked this question in March, 59% disapproved of his budgetary skills while 30% reported they approved.

Table: Paterson Handling Economic Crisis
Table: Paterson Handling Budget

“New Direction Needed,” Say New York Voters

The New York State electorate is not optimistic about the direction of the Empire State.  74% think the state is moving in the wrong direction while just 22% believe it is headed along the right path.  Little has changed since Marist’s June survey when nearly identical proportions shared these views.

Table: NYS Direction

Marist Poll Methodology

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Complete Sept. 16, 2009 NYS Poll Release and Tables

The Marist Poll’s Lee Miringoff discusses how the next gubernatorial race could be shaping up:


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