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7/23: A Slice of New York Life


7/23: A Slice of New York Life

Are you thinking about traveling to New York City, but are overwhelmed by the numerous landmarks and attractions at your fingertips?  Fuhgeddaboudit!  New York City registered voters know where to go!  And, here’s how they weigh in.



Statue of Liberty: Crowning Glory for Nearly One-Third of NYC Voters

There’s no question about it.  New York City is chock full of landmarks!  But which landmark is the most popular among city dwellers?  For 32% of registered voters in New York City, the answer is Lady Liberty.  The more than 1,500-foot main span of the Brooklyn Bridge comes in a distant second with 22%.  Standing 102 floors tall, the Empire State Building ties Grand Central Station for third place.  Each receives 15%.  With its Gothic architecture, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is the favorite among 10% of voters in the city, and William Van Alen’s art deco Chrysler Building pulls up the rear with 6%.

Table: Favorite NYC Landmark

Brooklyn Takes the Pie as Borough with Best Pizza

You want a slice of genuine New York pizza?  With a pizza place on virtually every corner, it’s hard to know where to go!  So, which borough can claim bragging rights for having the best pizza in the Big Apple?  37% of registered New York City voters say, “Brooklyn.”  A quarter reports Manhattan is the place to go.  12% prefer to pick up a slice in Queens, and 11% think The Bronx takes the prize.  Just 3% say Staten Island is the king of the pizza pie.

Table: Best Pizza in NYC

Marist Poll Methodology

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