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7/14: Going Local…Majority Do Not Plan to Travel This Summer


7/14: Going Local…Majority Do Not Plan to Travel This Summer

According to this Marist Poll, a majority of adults nationally — 55% — say they won’t be booking a summer vacation this year.  45%, however, are planning to hit the road.  The proportion of residents who are traveling has changed little over the past couple of years.  In 2010, Marist found that 48% of Americans were escaping from their daily routine while 49% ventured away from home in 2009.

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Click Here for Complete July 14, 2011 USA Poll Release and Tables

Among those who are taking a trip this summer, a long getaway isn’t necessarily on their agenda.  41% say they have several shorter weekend trips on their calendar while 35% plan to go on one or more long getaways.  Nearly one in four — 24% — say they will do both or have something else planned.

Compared with the summer of 2009, fewer vacationers are taking longer journeys.  At that time, 47% who planned to get out of town traveled for a long period of time.  42% went on several shorter jaunts, and just 11% took both types of vacations or did something else entirely.

Money matters continue to plague the vacation choices of many Americans.  While about two-thirds of residents — 66% — report they have not changed their vacation plans this year in order to save money, a notable 34% have.  There has been relatively no change on this question since the summer of 2009.  At that time, 65% reported money matters did not alter their vacation plans while 35% were restricted by financial concerns.

Table: Plan on Taking a Summer Vacation

Table: Summer Vacation History

Table: Length of Vacation

Table: Changed Plans to Save Money

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    September 26, 2011 at 3:34 PM

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