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6/12: Reaping Technology’s Benefits?

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6/12: Reaping Technology’s Benefits?

60% of Americans, including 63% of employed residents, report that, overall, technology makes the quality of their lives better.  34% say it makes no difference, and just 6% think it makes their lives worse.



That number jumps when asked specifically about work.  69% of employed residents say technology makes their job easier while 25% report it makes no difference at all, and 6% think it makes their work life worse.  Those who make more annually believe technology has a greater impact.  81% say it makes their job easier.  Although a majority — 56% —  of employed residents earning less than $50,000 a year agree, nearly four in ten — 39% — think it makes no difference.

When it comes to leisure activities, Americans divide.  45% say technology makes the amount of time they spend on things they enjoy better while 42% believe it makes no difference at all.  Only 13% report it makes things worse.

What about technology’s impact on personal relationships?  Does it make a difference?  30% of U.S. residents say technology makes their relationships better while 11% think it has a negative impact.  Nearly six in ten — 59% — believe it makes no difference at all.

Table: Technology/Quality of Life
Table: Technology/Job at Work
Table: Technology/Things You Enjoy
Table: Technology/Personal Relationships

Marist Poll Methodology

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sales Engineer

    July 19, 2009 at 11:01 AM

    The time you spend on the computer is time that you are not spending in a (real-world) personal relationship. It would be interesting to know how many hours a week the population sits facing a monitor. At a guess, the overall effect of computing is a decrease in social interaction.

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