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4/30: 59 Candles


4/30: 59 Candles

It’s an annual tradition at The Marist Institute for Public Opinion.  To commemorate the director’s birthday, we ask the nation if they think Dr. Lee M. Miringoff’s age is young, middle-aged, or old.  How did our fearless leader do this year?



The age is 59, and Miringoff escapes, again!  72% of U.S. residents think 59 years old is “middle-aged.”  15% believe the age is “young,” and 13% report it’s “old.”

Needless to say, age affects perceptions on this question.  The older Americans are, the more likely they are to say 59 years old is “young.”  The younger the residents, the more inclined they are to say the age is “old.”

Table: How Old Is 59?

Marist Poll Methodology

MIPO Director Lee Miringoff on the perception of age:



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. dan

    May 1, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Might be interesting to track a baseline number year to year as well. so in addition to asking how people feel about lee’s age at 59, 60, 61, etc….perhaps going forward also ask if 59 is young, middle, old…to see if social values are changing. gives you a constant to test, no? btw…did that animation of lee treading water come from the studios of george lucas?

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