4/3: McClatchy-Marist Poll: The Budget Deficit

When it comes to the federal budget deficit, do voters nationally have more trust in President Barack Obama to handle the issue, or do they have more confidence in the Republicans in Congress?  At whom do they point a finger for the gridlock surrounding the federal budget?  Find out in the latest national McClatchy-Marist Poll.

President Barack Obama


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2 Responses to “4/3: McClatchy-Marist Poll: The Budget Deficit”

  1. LeRoy Matthews on April 4th, 2013 3:23 pm

    Which Gang of Crazy, Lying, Stupid, Crooks do we have more trust in- Loonie Obama & HIS Screwballs or the self-proclaimed “GOP” Screwballs???
    OR are they actually just 2 parts of ONE Gang???

    SAY WHAT????

  2. sanda havens on April 11th, 2013 10:35 am

    yu say your for the meddle class people so why you turnin your ba on usdo ou kno how many peopleyou ill hurt if you o thru ith this social seucrity bill.you really need to do some real tihking your going to hurt the old people.and the handycap, with this,think of what your doing,ts not comeing from your money,we paid into this for years why are you takeing our money ,your just like stealing our mony.

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