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4/27: Nuclear Worries: Nearly Six in Ten Concerned Catastrophe Could Strike in States

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4/27: Nuclear Worries: Nearly Six in Ten Concerned Catastrophe Could Strike in States

Japan’s nuclear crisis has raised questions about whether or not an emergency of that proportion could occur in the United States.  According to this McClatchy-Marist Poll, nearly six in ten Americans — 57% — say it could happen here.  Included here are 16% who think it is very likely and 41% who say a nuclear power plant emergency is likely.  However, 31% believe it is not very likely, and 9% report it is not likely at all to happen.  Just 2%are unsure.

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Click Here for Complete April 27, 2011 USA McClatchy-Marist Poll Release and Tables

“Americans certainly don’t rule out the possibility of a nuclear emergency here,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “Although a majority think it is likely to be an accident at a power plant, a sizeable proportion is worried about a terror attack.”

If such a power plant emergency were to take place, is the U.S. government prepared to handle it?  Americans divide.  49% report the country is either very prepared or prepared to take on such a tragedy while 48% say it is not very prepared or not prepared at all to do so.  Among those who think the nation is ready to handle this type of situation are 10% who believe the government is very prepared and 39% who say it is prepared.  Looking at those who are less confident, about one-third — 33% — report America is not very prepared, and 15% believe it is not prepared at all.  Just 4% are unsure.

Table: Possibility of Nuclear Power Plant Emergency

Table: U.S. Preparedness for Nuclear Power Emergency

Accident Not an Attack, Say Residents

A majority of Americans — 56% — believe that if the United States were to face a nuclear crisis today, it would be a result of an accident at a nuclear power plant.  However, four in ten — 40% — think an act of terrorism would be behind it.  Four percent are unsure.

Table: Cause of Hypothetical U.S. Nuclear Emergency

McClatchy-Marist Poll Methodology

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  1. DevRefresh

    July 26, 2014 at 10:54 PM

    USA should reduce power plants and establish more renewable energy plants (wind, solari jeo)

  2. winslow

    April 29, 2011 at 5:46 PM

    It makes no difference what anyone thinks. But yes there definitely will be an accident and people will just have to live or die with it.

    The Power company will apologize, get a slap on the wrist, and resist all law suits that come in the following years.

    The story in Japan has already been shut down by the Corporate owned Mainstream New Media. The crisis is still growing in Japan but not a word gets put on Television or Radio or front page of any newspaper. The Conservative Corporates want this thing to go away and since it won’t, they want you and I to think its over. But its not.

    This is truly the scary part. The only way to get any information is to dig around on the web to get it.

    If you the reader think Japan’s crisis doesnt affect you, I want to remind you that
    Albacore Tuna will migrate from the radioactive waters there and arrive here in
    California by mid summer of this year. If your children eat Tuna fish or may be
    visiting a friends house where Tuna fish is served then you need to inform yourself of the dangers involved.

    Do not believe the FDA or the Spin Doctors who come forward to inform you.
    The people of Tokyo are outraged at Tokyo Electric and their own government
    for withholding information while the number of towns being evacuated grows.

    Its not the iodine levels that count. The FDA has only wants to talk about that.
    They dont bring up or discuss the other elements contained in the radioactivity
    that are much more damaging. If you are smart, you will get yourself informed.

    Protect your children and your neighbors children by informing their parents.
    Dont just sit there like a deer caught in the headlights. This thing is real and its coming.


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