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4/12: Michelle Obama’s Favorability Rock Solid


4/12: Michelle Obama’s Favorability Rock Solid

Almost two-thirds of registered voters nationwide have a positive impression of First Lady Michelle Obama.  65% have a favorable view of Mrs. Obama while less than one in four members of the electorate — 23% — has an unfavorable impression of her.  12% are unsure.

Michelle Obama (courtesy of

Click Here for Complete April 12, 2012 USA Marist Poll Release and Tables

Mrs. Obama’s favorability rating is consistent.  When Marist last reported this question in October, 63% of registered voters in the United States thought well of the First Lady.  21%, however, had a less than stellar impression of Mrs. Obama, and 16% were unsure.

“The First Lady may be the president’s best asset,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.  “With numbers like these, expect her to have a high profile on the campaign trail.”

In the same poll, President Obama is viewed favorably by 50% of registered voters and unfavorably by 46%.  Three percent are unsure.

Table: Michelle Obama Favorability

Table: Michelle Obama Favorability Over Time

How the Survey was Conducted

Nature of the Sample

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  3. A.Yeshuratnam

    April 12, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    Marist poll is only about Michelle and not about the performance of Obama. Most Americans have no idea how much economic trouble America is facing today. But Krugman gives the false hope that economy is recovering due to the efforts of Obama. All of this false prosperity in the United States has been financed by the 15 trillion dollar party that has made Americans experience an inflated standard of living. .Unfortunately, nobody in the history of the world has ever been able to keep a debt spiral going indefinitely, and the debt bubble will burst eventually as well. Unemployment is soaring high. Yahoo is firing thousands of workers and Best Buy is closing dozens of stores.Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama have been kicking the can down the road and making the eventual collapse of American economy much worse. To make matters still more worse, as US sinks further into debt, Obama gives Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government 1.5 Billion. Muslim Brotherhod once called for a jihad against America. After digging the U.S. into a $16 trillion debt hole, Obama has nevertheless decided to borrow more money from unfriendly powers like China so he can give it to an outfit that views the United States as an enemy to be destroyed.

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