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2/10: “It’s Destiny!” Most Americans Believe in Soul Mates

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, just how many Americans believe in the concept of soul mates?  According to this Marist Poll, nearly 3 in 4 four residents — 73% — do, but 27% do not.

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In fact, more Americans have caught the destined love bug.  When Marist last asked this question in its August survey [2], 66% reported they believed two people are meant to be together compared with 34% who did not.

Younger Americans are the most starry-eyed.  80% of those under the age of 30 and 78% of those 30 to 44 believe in the idea of soul mates.  This compares with 72% of residents 45 to 59 years old and 65% of those 60 and older.

Most men — 74% — and women — 71% — share this belief in finding the perfect partner.

Table: Americans Who Believe in Soul Mates [3]

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