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11/17: New Yorkers Divide Over Terror Trial Location


11/17: New Yorkers Divide Over Terror Trial Location

Eight years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Obama Administration has announced that five alleged attackers will be tried in federal court in the shadows of where the World Trade Towers once stood, New York City.

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New Yorkers are speaking out about the venue for the trial, but there is a split decision on the matter.  45% of residents think it’s a good idea to have the trial in New York City while 41% believe it’s a bad one.  14% just aren’t sure.

Table: Terror Trial in NYC – Good or Bad Idea?
Click Here for Complete November 17th, 2009 NYC Poll Release and Tables

City Residents Weigh Security Risk of Terror Trial

What about the risk of future terrorist attacks?  Although 47% say the location of the trial will not affect the likelihood of another terrorist attack occurring in New York City, a significant proportion are concerned the trial will put a bull’s eye on the city.  In fact, 40% believe having the trial in New York City will increase the possibility of another terrorist attack in the area.  7% think it will be less of a target, and another 6% are unsure about the implications of the trial for the city’s security.

Most New York City residents — 67% — are confident law enforcement officials will be able to handle the potential security risks associated with such a high profile trial in Manhattan.  22% don’t have as much faith.  This is the proportion of residents who believe New York City is not well equipped to handle the situation.  11% are unsure.

When it comes to their personal safety, a majority — 52% — of New York City residents don’t think it will impact their own security.  34% think the trial will compromise their personal safety and put them in greater danger, and 8% report it will put them in less danger.  6% are unsure.

Table: NYC More of a Target?
Table: Confidence in NYC to Handle Security Risks
Table: Personal Safety

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  2. Barbara E.

    November 18, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    The hand-wringing and fearmongering play into the hands of those who want to cause us harm. Don’t we have faith in our justice system? Israel tried Eichmann, Spain tried the train bombers, and we tried and convicted the first WTC bombers. We Americans have such a sense of entitlement and exceptionalism — nothing happens until it happens to us, and, heavens to Betsy, we’re so AFRAID and it’s so AWFUL!

    Grow up, my fellow New Yorkers.

  3. Rob

    November 17, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    It’s interesting to see how New Yorkers split quite evenly on this issue. I wonder how the results have been different if that question was asked nationally…

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